Monday, October 5, 2009


1. Book Review: Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs, by Molly Harper.

In my never-ending quest to read every vampire novel in the world (and compare it to my own), I recently found, via another blogger's recommendation, Molly Harper. This book is a fun little read. The basic premise: a small-town Southern librarian is turned into a vampire. Hijinks ensue. The writing is very quippy, with almost every piece of dialogue and description a one-liner. Some of the lines are very funny, but the relentless quality of the jokes wears thin after a while. There are quite a few resemblances to the Sookie Stackhouse novels, but no swearing and less graphic love scenes, so this one would be a good fit for readers who are bothered by those. I am currently on the second novel, Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men. I'm sensing a theme.

2. Changing attitudes: Lady Gaga.

I now like Lady Gaga. Or rather, I now admit that I like Lady Gaga. I am no longer pretending to enjoy her ironically.

3. Confessions: New Movies

I am woefully behind on my movie viewing, but I can't tell if that's my fault. I remember the glory days, when I would rush to get all of the years' Oscar nominees on video so I could be an informed viewer...sigh. That tape of Boogie Nights went right into the "no" pile. But lately (by which I mean since around 2001) I watch the Oscars having not seen any new movies at all that year. Sven occasionally picks up some DVD's, but the last few I bought are sitting on my shelf, one year later, with the plastic wrapping still on them. Fact: Since Princess was born in 2005, I have seen one movie in the theater. I went by myself. Sigh.

4. Excitement: Ren Fest

Next weekend is the opening of the Texas Renaissance Festival. We will be there. It is one of the most anticipated weekends in our house. Pictures will follow. Princess and Dexy may be in costume. Deb will not.

Have a happy Monday.


Joanna said...

You are marvelous! And I don't mean MAH-veloos!

Barbaloot said...

It seems like most times I watch the Oscars, I've only seen one or two movies being nominated.

And I hear you on the Lady Gaga thing. But I feel like just saying/writing her name makes my IQ drop drastically.

Kristina P. said...

I do really, really like Lady Gaga's music. I just can't get over the attention seeking, crazy antics.

My coworkers Amanda, Charlie and I had a conversation about her last week, because Charlie thought she was hot. We have since convinced him that she is a Butterface, and the reason she does all this is because she's not very attractive.

Oh, and I started cutting out my Kermits this weekend. It will be fabulous.

The Domestic Flunky said...

how do you wake lady gaga up from a nap? POKER FACE. HAHAHA. (7 years olds come up with the absolute BEST. jokes. ever.)

Debbie said...

I'm thinking Lady Gaga went up several notches in my book when she canceled touring with Kanye. Go Gaga!

Sneaky Momma said...

Lady Gaga intrigues me. I do not know why. :)