Monday, September 6, 2010

Short Take: Princess

Place: The Folksy bedroom
Time: This morning, around 3:00
Characters: Sven, Deb, and Princess (not yet five years old)

Princess: {enters room quietly} Excuse me, Father?  Father?
Sven: {mumbling} Yeah.
Princess: Father, may I please use the restroom?
Sven: Sure.

{A few minutes later}

Princess: Father?  Father?
Sven: Yeah.
Princess: I'm done.
Sven: Good.
Princess: Father, I'm going back to my bed now.
Sven: Good.
Princess: Good night, Father.
Sven: Good night, sweetie.
Princess: I love you.
Sven: I love you, too.
{Princess exits quietly.}

Deb: {after a few seconds} Who was that?
Sven: I'm not sure.