Friday, August 12, 2011

Sunrise, Sunset

I just got home from a concert by the Southeast Texas Chorale.  This is a community choir that meets over the summer.  It is conducted by a former student of mine and many of its members are also former students.

At the concert I had the opportunity to see The Duchess, a friend and mentor and generally fabulous person, and her daughter, Lady Mary.  The Duchess continues to be a living example of what it means to be a Southern Lady.  I adore The Duchess.  Lady Mary is equally fabulous.  Both of these ladies looked gorgeous and I have forgiven them for how tall they are.  Fortunately, I was wearing The Outfit with a pair of boots, so I felt a bit taller.

I cannot tell you how truly inspirational it was to see this concert.  The conductor and artistic director, Mel Montanez (his real name) has turned from that fun, snarky, sometimes-awkward kid I knew into a poised, mature artist.  His conducting was so fluid and graceful that I found myself envying how easy he made it look.  He didn't just get up there and lead a choir.  He was part of the music in a way conductors sometimes cannot be; it is a testament both to his leadership and to the talent of his singers that there was so much great music.

My students are all grown up.  I get new ones every year, of course, but I never forget the "old" ones.  My students from Anahuac, TX have kids now; some of them have kids older than mine.  They're teachers and nurses and doctors and pastors.  They are homemakers and Scentsy salespeople and marketers.  They aren't my kids anymore, yet they are.  I am so lucky to have two beautiful children I raise in my home, but I have also had hundreds (maybe over 1,000) who are just a little bit mine.

That pride I feel doesn't go away.  When I see them on Facebook or run into them in the mall, I'm proud.   I love them all.

PS: Here's a picture of THE OUTFIT.