Saturday, October 10, 2009

Book Blog: Last Post Here

Well, I've changed my mind about my book blog being private. Way, way too much trouble! So, if you want to read my book, head on over to my book blog, where I have posted the prologue.

I uploaded the whole thing to a self-publish site, so I have a copyright on everything posted, so I think we're good to go.

I plan to post a chapter every week or so. Feel free to leave me comments on the site, or e-mail me directly.

I won't take up any more of this blog with that blog. I'm very excited that so many of you want to read my book! I look forward to getting some feedback.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Okay, you asked for it

If you really would like me to post my book for you to read, here it goes:

Please go to my Book Blog and leave me a comment under the first post.

After a couple of days, I'll close the blog to the public (I'm not ready for that!) and send you all an e-mail inviting you to read my blog.

I'll post a chapter every couple of days or so, if that seems reasonable. It's fairly long, but I'll do my best to make it easy to read.

Nervous, but so excited,

Deb :)


I wrote a book.

It's a novel. 95,000 words, in its current revision. I've been working hard on it for about a year, based on an idea and outline I started about ten years ago. I'm really proud of it, which means I'm very sensitive about it. Right now I'm very torn: I desperately want people to read it, because I want someone else's opinion about it, but I'm terrified to have anyone read it, because then I would have someone's opinion about it.

What if it's no good?

What if everybody thinks it's just a rip-off of Twilight? It's not, but I'm realistic: it deals with the supernatural, including vampires. I flatter myself that I've put a truly nerdy spin on it: D&D aficionados, should they tear themselves away from their Tolkein, will be pleased.

What if they read it, and I see the "poor Deb, don't hurt her feelings" look in their eyes?

Let me tell you: whenever you are having a crisis of self-esteem, turn to the entertainment industry. I can't tell you how I have been affected by the deluge of responses I have received from the literary establishment.

Phrases like, "didn't capture my interest," "not what we're looking for," and "parakeet-cage lining" have cropped up surprisingly often.

Okay, not the last one. But the others, yes. They are all very polite. They all wish me all the luck in the world. They all tell me they hope I find representation. I understand, from what I read, that even receiving responses to e-mail queries is somewhat rare, so maybe I should be flattered by their rejection.

I'm not feeling it.

The unexpected side effect: I'm finding, as each rejection comes in, I no longer care as much. I'm starting another book, a spin-off of the first, centering around one of the characters in the first book, and I'm getting excited about that. I'm thinking I'll give it another couple of tries, send out a couple more batches of queries, and then I'll just put the darned thing on Amazon, and self-publish. I am not interested in spending the rest of my life in an endless cycle of hope and rejection. After all, some of my family members, and maybe one or two of my friends might buy a copy. That would be neat.

I promise I won't hold it against you if you don't buy one. Much.
Edited to add, after reading your comments: See the top link on my right sidebar for my new book blog. I will begin publishing installments, if you guys want to read it.

Monday, October 5, 2009


1. Book Review: Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs, by Molly Harper.

In my never-ending quest to read every vampire novel in the world (and compare it to my own), I recently found, via another blogger's recommendation, Molly Harper. This book is a fun little read. The basic premise: a small-town Southern librarian is turned into a vampire. Hijinks ensue. The writing is very quippy, with almost every piece of dialogue and description a one-liner. Some of the lines are very funny, but the relentless quality of the jokes wears thin after a while. There are quite a few resemblances to the Sookie Stackhouse novels, but no swearing and less graphic love scenes, so this one would be a good fit for readers who are bothered by those. I am currently on the second novel, Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men. I'm sensing a theme.

2. Changing attitudes: Lady Gaga.

I now like Lady Gaga. Or rather, I now admit that I like Lady Gaga. I am no longer pretending to enjoy her ironically.

3. Confessions: New Movies

I am woefully behind on my movie viewing, but I can't tell if that's my fault. I remember the glory days, when I would rush to get all of the years' Oscar nominees on video so I could be an informed viewer...sigh. That tape of Boogie Nights went right into the "no" pile. But lately (by which I mean since around 2001) I watch the Oscars having not seen any new movies at all that year. Sven occasionally picks up some DVD's, but the last few I bought are sitting on my shelf, one year later, with the plastic wrapping still on them. Fact: Since Princess was born in 2005, I have seen one movie in the theater. I went by myself. Sigh.

4. Excitement: Ren Fest

Next weekend is the opening of the Texas Renaissance Festival. We will be there. It is one of the most anticipated weekends in our house. Pictures will follow. Princess and Dexy may be in costume. Deb will not.

Have a happy Monday.