Friday, October 14, 2011

Drama. Ugh.

I forgot how much drama there is in middle school, especially middle school choir.

Choir teachers become a bit more emotionally involved than, say, a math teacher.  We get to know our students on a much more personal level.  99% of the time, that's awesome.  The other 1%... not so much.

My middle school choir program currently has 130 students.  115 of them love me.

The other 15... DRAMA.

"Miss, it's your fault we messed up at the concert," they say.  "You didn't direct us right."

"You should treat us the same as the other classes," they say.  "You say you hold us to a higher standard because we're the varsity group, but that isn't right."

"It's not fair," they say.  "We're the only ones who get in trouble."

They weren't in trouble.  They didn't mess up that badly.  And they're usually the ones demanding special treatment because they're the "varsity" group.  Sigh.

I'll win someday.  Maybe it will take a few years, but one day...