Friday, May 1, 2009

Exotic Language

My darling adorable gifted talented perfect boy, Dexy, will be 18 months old this month.

He has been "talking" for months, but his random sounds are now resembling actual words more and more. He can say a few things clearly:

"What's that?"
"Federal bailout" (We watch the news a lot in the morning. He calls Diane Sawyer "Granny.") (Just kidding, Mom.)

He has another list of words, ones I understand but no one else does. In his little baby voice, they sound like exotic locations accessible only by yak-herding Sherpas.

"Tu to!" (Cartoon: it means he wants to watch Pixar shorts on the Macbook.)
"Ga-Ma!" (Grandma, who he adores because she is so firm and strict.) (Ha! Ha!)
"Ju-jo-jo!" (Princess; these syllables vaguely resemble her nickname.)
"Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma!" (Snack.)
"Ooooooh." (I think I have something in my diaper requiring immediate attention.)
"Sah na bo. Deeee!" (I love Beyonce.)

Dexy is growing up. While there are many parts of babyhood I look forward to leaving behind, I love the sound of his little voice, earnestly communicating what he thinks is important. Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, sister, snacks, cartoons, and sounds like a happy life to me.


Kristina P. said...

Well, he is missing "Snuggie." Get on that, would you?

Deb said...

I'll get on it. Princess is dropping consistent hints, though: "Mommy, I'm cold. I need a blanket." Pause. "Mommy, wouldn't it be nice if my blanket had SLEEVES?" (leaning in close to mommy with wide eyes to emphasize what she's saying).

Barbaloot said...

Your translation ability is amazing! You must have the gift of tongues:)

the domestic flunky said...

Life is sweeter with a little Beyonce. :) 5 bucks says his next word/phrase will be "Lil Wayne".