Monday, April 27, 2009

I Like Mondays

Good morning! It's the start of another week, and here are my five things to like this Monday, April 27, 2009:

1. Although acess to my blog is cut off at work, I can still access my dashboard and make new posts! So I won't be able to read your comments, or read and comment on yours, until I get home this afternoon, but I can still post during my break!

2. Neither of my children ran any fever all weekend. I am hopeful this means they are getting over this; they certainly were full of pep and vigor this morning. This also means they can go back to day care today, which means I won't have any more money docked from my paycheck this week, hopefully! (They both have ear infections, and I've exceeded my allotted sick days, so every day I'm out costs a day's pay.)

3. The premier of "Daisy Of Love" totally lived down to my expectations last night, except for one thing: I actually kind of liked Daisy. I wonder if we'll see that much of her tummy in every episode? I hope she finds love this season. Or, at least, someone who keeps her out of general society for a few weeks. And Tough Love? Best episode ever. VH-1, keep them coming. Either your shows are getting better, or I'm getting dumber. Or both.

4. My Amish Friendship Bread was the best. bread. EVER! My little bubbling bag of goo made some very tasty treats, and in 9 days I'll have more to share. I had a very busy weekend, and the fact that I managed to bake bread in the middle of everything makes me feel like Supermom. Or, it would, if I didn't have a week's worth of clean laundry to fold sitting on my couch and a carpet that would make my mom go blind if she saw it...

5. Summer is only a few weeks away. Sven and I did our taxes and we can travel a bit, so we're deciding now where to go! It's so much fun to think about different places we can go. Of course, I always want to go back to Branson, but Sven wants to go somewhere "new" this year. We shall see...I'm betting I still get at least a weekend in my home-away-from-home.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Barbaloot said...

I think you should come to Utah!
Thanks for the positive attitude. It's good for me to see that early in the morning:)

Kristina P. said...

I second Barb's Utah suggestion. It would be awesome to meet you!

And I have to admit, I was slightly freaked out that I wouldn't be able to access blogs at work this morning, but they are still here.

And I agree about Daisy. She could even walk a straight line!

the domestic flunky said...

I love this idea! 5 things. I'm going to use it for my journal. Balance out all the angst. :)

Deb said...

Utah is number one on my list. I really want to visit; I was there once when I was 12 visiting family, but I'd love to see it again. If we decide to come up there, I promise we will get together!

Boy Mom said...

We'll be happy to kick a few of our boys out and provide room and board if you do make it to Utah.

I should really focus on positive stuff on Mondays...yeah, that's not happening.