Friday, April 24, 2009


People who answer questions with questions know they are in the wrong. This counts double if their first question is, "Who told you that?"


Open-mindedness works both ways. Someone can have very conservative principles and ideals and be very open-minded, while someone with more trendy, liberal, and/or progressive views can be very close-minded. The simple fact that someone has a conservative view of morality or a political issue does not automatically make that person small-minded, bigoted, ignorant, or a "fundamentalist."


Low-rise jeans are not a good look for everyone.


Addictions come in all forms. You can be addicted to substances, activities, people,'s all about how you prioritize your life. Access to my blog was cut off at work this week, and I realized how "addicted" I have become to blogging in the last few months. I love it, but maybe this is a good thing. I need some perspective.


It can be just as hard to work with people you love as with people you dislike.


Children can inherit strange things from their parents. Dexy and Princess have inherited their day/night tolerance from us. Princess is just like Sven: she really comes alive when the sun goes down, and would sleep until noon every day if we let her. Dexy is like me: early to bed; very, very early to rise. Unlike me, Dexy wakes up with a big grin on his face and his arm outstretched to hug someone. I wake up with my eyes glued shut and a dislike for all humanity. Give him time.


There is no job on Earth more challenging than being a parent, and it requires no formal training. You don't even make minimum wage, but you are overseeing the future of the world.


Kristina P. said...

Why are low rise jeans still around? Boooo.

Boy Mom said...

Bog access cut off at work? Do you need me to talk to your principal? We need to gently ease people out of their addictions or at least medicate them out. I prescribe a daily dose of perspective and a 1lb bag of peanut M&M's, no substitutions, dose may be doubled if needed.

Great observations!

Sneaky Momma said...

I'm glad I hadn't discovered the blogging world when I was a teacher. I would have found it hard to stay away from the computer. :)