Friday, May 28, 2010

Conversation: Sven and Me

Sven: Did you hear about Whoosits?

Deb: No, what's going on with him?

Sven: His wife left him.

Deb: No!

Sven: Yes, she picked up the kids from school and sent him a text message that she was leaving.

Deb: A text message?

Sven: Yep.

Deb: Seriously?  A text message?

Sven: A text message.

Deb: Wow, that's bad.

Sven: Yeah.

Deb: Honey, I promise you, if I ever leave you...

Sven: (chuckles) Okay, I appreciate that.

Deb: ...I won't take the kids.



Kristina P. said...

You're so courteous! I wish you were here with me this weekend!

Boy Mom said...

Adorable Hubby doesn't text I'll have to leave a message with the kids.

La Tempête said...


Joanna said...!