Friday, April 16, 2010

Observations: Princess on Shrek v. Daddy

Scene: Princess and Deb are cuddled on the couch, watching Shrek 3 on television.

Princess: Mommy, did you see that?  Shrek wouldn't get out of bed!

Deb: I saw that.

Princess: He just pulled the covers up and went back to sleep!

Deb: Yes.

Princess: Daddy does that.

Deb: Yes, he does.

Princess: And Daddy has funny feet like Shrek, too.

Deb: I suppose you could say that.

Princess: And daddy thinks it's funny when something stinks, just like Shrek.

Deb: Well, I guess-

Princess: And you remember when Shrek sat in the mud, and all the bubbles came up, because-

Deb: Yes, sweetie, I know.  Shrek and your daddy are a lot alike.

Princess: Yes.  But daddy's not green, Mommy.

Deb: No, he's not.

Princess: And we don't live in a swamp, we live in a house.

Deb: Yep.

Princess: But Daddy loves you like Shrek loves Fiona.

Deb: Yes, he does.

Princess: You and Daddy love each other and you love me and Dexy because we are a family.

Deb: Yes, sweetie.

Princess: (thoughtful pause)

Deb: What is it, honey?

Princess: Why do Daddy's feet look like that?



Kristina P. said...

I guess I have a Shrek husband too!

Josmery said...

Did that really occur!?!?!

Barbaloot said...

How nice that he got compared to Shrek instead of someone like Sid the Sloth, right?

Mayhem and Moxie said...

Everything we need to know in life can seriously be learned from our kids.

They don't miss a thing.