Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Inside My Head: Glee

Mr. Scheuster: Okay, kids, listen up. Today we have a special guest artist. I had a crush on her our senior year of high school, but she never gave me the time of day.

Puck: Bitter much?

Finn: Come on, you guys, we have to work together to make Glee a part of our lives and my girlfriend Quinn is pregnant!

Rachel: Oh, Finn...I love you.

Mr. Scheuster: Quiet, guys. This is serious. Our guest artist this week is here to teach you what Glee is really about. Please welcome Deb.

Deb: Whaddup.

Kurt: What can she teach us? She's a natural brunette.

Deb: Shut your pie-hole, you.

Kurt: Yes, Ma'am.

Sue: I think I love you.

Deb: (to Sue) You too, Windbreaker. (to the kids) Glee isn't about lip-syncing to awesomely crafted arrangements of utterly inappropriate material. Glee is about finding your inner Broadway star.

Quinn: Broadway? Please, so lame.

Deb: No, what's lame is using the word "lame" when no one has ever seen you wear anything other than a cheerleading outfit. (to Mr. Scheuster:) Your wife isn't really pregnant. There, I've said it. Go marry the counselor, please, so we can get on with rehearsal.

Mr. Scheuster: Okie dokie. (exits)

Deb: Now let's get down to it. This is real Glee club, everyone: hats and canes, get in formation for "One" from A Chorus Line.

Kurt: Yes!

Deb: Another word out of you, and we're doing Cats next.

Kurt: (silent but adoring)



Kristina P. said...

This was better than the first 3 episodes!

Lizzy said...

ha ha! I love Glee! Even though you just wanna tell the characters what is up you can't discount priceless moments like watching an entire football team doing the Single Ladies dance!

Barbaloot said...

Oh my gosh--I so wish you would be on tonight's episode.

The Domestic Flunky said...

I just found out that my brother is wheel-chair boy's mom's dentist. Yep. Dentist to the Mothers of Stars. I'm excited, too. And she (the mother) wants everyone to know that he isn't really handicapped... and that it's VERY hard keeping your legs still for that long!