Friday, July 2, 2010

Why can't everyone be exactly like I want them to be all the time?

I just got home from seeing Eclipse, the third movie in what is now officially called the Twilight Saga.  As expected, the movie was completely awesome, but that is not the point of this entry.

I rarely go to movies.  Before we had children, Sven and I went to the movies fairly often, as it was a somewhat inexpensive form of entertainment, and we both liked movies.  However, as time passed, I became more aware of the rude behavior of others, and it got to the point where I dreaded going to the movies.  Here are two examples:

1. Once, during a highly anticipated sequel, I sat in front of a young woman who had talked her friend into coming with her.  The friend had not seen the first movie.  Throughout the entire thing, the young woman whispered things to her friend like, "Okay, the reason that is important is, in the first movie, she got her arm cut off?  Right?  And now she doesn't have an arm?  So that's important."

2. Another time, during one of the Star Wars prequels, a man sitting behind me was talking on his phone at conversational level.  I turned around and looked at him, smiled, and turned back to the front.  He called me a b-word.

By the time I got pregnant with Princess, I was grateful to have the excuse that I couldn't really sit through a 2-hour movie without getting up for various reasons.  I even missed the highly anticipated movie version of Rent, but Sven bought it for me on DVD soon after Princess' birth.  Of course, you can't take a baby to a movie theater, so then I had even more of an excuse not to go.  If Sven had some action-filled comic book adaptation he wanted to see, he could go with his friend, Hezekiah.  Not me.  Even when Princess was old enough to go to the movies, I had to stay home with the new baby.

Then there was Twilight.  After years of self-imposed exile, I went online and bought a ticket for Twilight.  I went by myself.  (A side note: I love going to movies by myself.  Sven thinks it is sad and weird.)  A year later, New Moon.  Last week, Sven and I took both kids to Toy Story 3.  Earlier today, I took Momz and the kids to Toy Story 3 (yes, again, it was awesome).  And then, tonight, Eclipse.  Here is what I have learned:


The first time we saw Toy Story 3, it was in a completely packed theater, first show of the day (around 11:30), full of kids of all ages.  It was silent, except for totally appropriate laughter.  Today, we saw it again, and there was a very noisy ADULT who kept commenting.  (Several children shushed him.)  Tonight, at Eclipse, there were THREE BABIES who were FUSSING throughout, but since it was the 9:00 PM show, I blame the IDIOTIC ADULTS who thought it was appropriate to BRING A BABY to a PG-13 movie at 9:00 PM.  In addition, there was a very drunk and loud man who was extremely vocal about his devotion to Team Edward.  ("Suck it, Jacob!" was shouted more than once.)

In short, though kids at movies get a bad rap, I'll go to a family movie with a theater full of kids any day.

And save the rest for Blu-Ray.


Kristina P. said...

I honestly get tense when I see a baby in a theater that is clearly for adults. Because parents just don't take them out until they have been screaming for like 23 minutes.

Barbaloot said...

Seriously-I can't get over the parents that are bringing children, CHILDREN, to midnight showing of the Twilight movies. Really? Should they even be seeing it at a decent time, let alone midnight?

I've always wanted to go to movies alone---so I didn't have to admit what movies I wanted to see:), but I've never had the guts.