Saturday, June 26, 2010

2010 Vacay: Colorado Springs, CO, Day 1

This year, the Folksy household rounded up and headed out and ripped and snorted our way across 1200 miles of America, arriving in Colorado Springs after a mildly traumatic two-day drive.

Here we are shortly upon crossing the Colorado border.  I began experiencing motion sickness, so did not pose for pictures until I was truly acclimated.

Day 1: Garden of the Gods Park.  This park is full of enormous red rocks, prompting Princess to ask, "Is that one a God, Mama?  What about that one?  Where are all of the Gods, Daddy?" which led to an interesting discussion, in which Mommy attempted to clarify that, although God is *everywhere,* it doesn't mean that He is hanging out in Colorado for the summer.

The Colorado Springs area is rich with Native American artifacts and lore, including the Anasazi (Ancestral Pueblo) Cliff Dwellings.  The dwellings were carved into the rock, then built of brick and stone, and are in great shape for a 1,000-year-old place.  I would list them as "cozy fixer-uppers."

That being said, when it came time to tour the dwellings, Princess was too afraid.  Apparently, when she asked Sven, "Where are the people who lived here?" he replied, "They're all dead."  For some reason, she was then a little leery of going in.  Kids.

Also included in the Cliff-Dwelling site was an authentic replica of a tipi and an authentic gift shop shaped like a pueblo.  Dexy now wants to live in a tipi, as he informs me daily, swathing himself in towels in an attempt to form some sort of tent-like structure.

Later that afternoon, we decided to drive up to the summit of Pike's Peak.  This sign was at a rest stop located at about 8,000 feet.  For us, Texans, in June, this sign was hilarious.  I would guess the temperature when we stopped here was in the 60's, though, which was crazy.

It was 33 degrees at the summit, so Princess got a sweater, which was the highlight of her entire trip.  Every time we asked her, she said her favorite thing in Colorado was the shop at the top of the mountain where she got her sweater and got to use the bathroom.

For the record, I was totally sick from around 8,000 feet, but really, really sick starting at about 10,000 feet.  When we got to the top, Sven said, "Get out of the car and walk around, you'll feel better."  I passed out in the bathroom.  Twice.  As this smile will tell you, though, it was completely worth it.

Sven had a great time.

And that was day 1.


Mummy McTavish said...

FUN FUN FUN! I get a bit of motion sickness on the mountains... not good.

Sickness aside, it does look like you had a blast on your first day!

Barbaloot said...

Heights, passing out and scary Indian dwellings...sounds like a blast:)

Boy Mom said...

Poor Deb, it could have been altitude sickness. My mom swears vitamin E will help with that. If you have to go up again it couldn't hurt to try I suppose.

A T-pee is a most excellent Christmas gift. Something to keep in mind. I may even have a recipe um directions somewhere.

Princess' face in the Anasazi picture, Priceless!